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1 point by jsgrahamus 289 days ago | link | parent | on: Hacker News Down

Thanks, zck


For a perpetual newbie in Lisp/Scheme/etc, they have been very helpful to me.


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I would also design a hackable lang. in the very-soon future. Now I have to work and live. hayhay... I like Paul. :)


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Unicon ( is the successor to Icon. Both languages had/have good support in terms of experienced people willing to answer questions.


My Portuguese is a bit rusty. How about some background: Motivation, OS, hardware, reception by users, length of use, etc?

Thanks, Steve


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hi, steve

I've been working at big newspapers/news companies here in Brazil for many years, but I'm not that happy with these companies strategies, so I decided to try some side project...

I don't know much about programming, so I decided to try something that was really simple. I'm a reader of Hacker News, discovered it's open source, and started looking for how to set up a clone. São Paulo is a really large city (11,32 million people live here), but we lack hubs to connect all these people (I think our news companies aren't doing that very well). So, I came up with this idea of applying the HN concept to a local news project.

To be honest, my main goal here is to learn more about programming and other technical stuff, so, it's been an awesome experience. The site runs on Amazon Linux AMI, and the majority of users are still my friends and the friends of my friends. (I finished the translation work yesterday). :P

It will be a pleasure to share more data with you in the following weeks! And thanks for all the help and support I found here.

PS.: "Espaço" can be translated as "Space", or a generic place. It's a common word in portuguese.


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Hi, Marcos.

Congratulations on all you've done starting even as a non-programmer. I'm impressed. Although I've been programming for decades, I have little experience in Arc or Lisp and have found the folks on this forum to be friendly and helpful.

Many years ago I lived in Brasil for about 2 years. Part of that time I spent in Sao Paulo: Pinheiros, Jacana, Santa and Jabaquara. Still have good memories of that time.

Ate logo.


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thanks! e até logo! :)


And for the successor of Icon:


Here is a link from the originating site for Icon:


I've used this language off and on for decades. And Unicon is the successor (


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Care to do a mini-review? :)


3 points by jsgrahamus 610 days ago | link | parent | on: Number - Real

I vote for inexact.


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Hmm, I thought about it some more, and it seems worth preserving exact because you lose information in going to inexact.

The solution I ended up with was to use your name and Pauan's trick:

Now instead of

  (coerce (/ 3 2) 'num)
You'd say:

  (real (/ 3 2))
What do you think? Easy to change if you prefer.


1 point by Pauan 609 days ago | link

Since that's being done in Anarki, I'd rather use $.exact->inexact, rather than relying upon Racket's auto-coercion. My trick is best used in Arc 3.1 which doesn't have (easy) access to Racket.


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Ok, done. For some reason I thought your trick was more permissive..


2 points by jsgrahamus 609 days ago | link

I like the (real (/ 3 2)) format. You easily get both.


1 point by jsgrahamus 610 days ago | link | parent | on: Number - Real

Good catch, Pauan. Thanks.