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World's smallest Arc server (
17 points by kens 4556 days ago | 5 comments

2 points by palsecam 4553 days ago | link

This is seriously awesome.

The trend to use small, energy-efficient computers is something I think really smart. Do more with less. And Arc on a SheevaPlug is a perfect example of it. This device rocks!

Plus, good to know MzScheme has an ARM version.


2 points by kens 4553 days ago | link

By the way, I'm willing to take suggestions for a new poll to put on my Arc server :-)


2 points by thaddeus 4553 days ago | link

What new features do we want to hound/beg/plead pg for in ... I'm sure he will love us for that ;)

  1. Keyword Arguments
  2. Image Manipulation (ImageMajik)
  3. FFI 
  4. More, More, More special syntaxes :)
etc etc...


1 point by palsecam 4553 days ago | link

The language you use the most/prefer (Arc excepted, or not)?

Favourite editor?

How long will Microsoft still survive?

(clich├ęs, I know)

btw, maybe it would be cool if the total number of voters was shown on the result page.


1 point by Adlai 4552 days ago | link

I like it overall... if you're also open for suggestions of improvement to the server itself: don't let me vote 3 times in a row :)