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1 point by palsecam 3939 days ago | link | parent

> fall asleep waiting for the arc prompt

This was more about the official Arc on MzScheme than Rainbow here. Rainbow is a special case.

> not run tests automatically on startup

Yes, I remember I disabled them when I was using Rainbow for the last time.

Oh, and just FTR, there were a failed test, which I think was about a little problem in internationalization handling. There was a message about a decimal number not being OK, because my locale is fr_FR and the correct decimal separator in France is "," and not ".".

(but this is really not a big deal. Plus, i18n is terribly complex to get right. Plus, most of us (people not having English as their mother tongue) are so used to get fucked we don't even bother with this kind of things anymore.)

> hey, I like my 'in :))

Hihi, I see you've submitted a new "correct" version on the concerned thread, this is really cool.

Anyway, don't take me too seriously. I just expose my views quickly & in a direct manner, and I don't think they're (at least always ;-D) correct. I'm glad you defend yours, and I respect you a lot for that. But sorry, the "useless" here, at least, was too much.

And on the end I suppose we think the same here: (performance) improvements are a good thing to do. I was actually glad to see the "A faster 'in" thread, I prefer that 100x than seeing a thread which would argue Arc is perfect in its current form and people are morons not to think so.