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2 points by palsecam 5259 days ago | link | parent

> If anyone has input data that demonstrates a difference between pg's and Norvig's, please reply with a comment.

In case you didn't see it, see above (

Not exactly the same results than Norvig's version (>>> correct("speling") -> "sling" / "godd" -> "god") but I tested the Ruby version linked on his site, and it yields the same results.

I.e: Your / my "correction" of pg's version give "spelling" and "good".

And pg's vanilla version for (correct "yellow") gives "fellow".

2 points by lojic 5258 days ago | link

Sorry, I noticed your post after I posted in haste. Nice work - 12 lines is still darn impressive. Followup with a comment if you use Norvig's test program and notice any other issues.