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Rainbow: client-socket
4 points by conanite 3312 days ago | 3 comments
I've added client-socket to rainbow, so you can open client network connections. And thus build your own arc forum browser in arc:

  (let (i o) (client-socket "" 80)
    (disp "GET /forum HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n" o)
    (pr (readstring i)))
(where 'readstring is a function that concats everything from its input stream until eof)

Also, incremental-search is working properly again in welder after a recent increase in argument-count fussiness broke it.

2 points by twilightsentry 3310 days ago | link

In Anarki there's a similar function called 'socket-connect; we should probably decide between that and 'client-socket and use the same name for both.


2 points by conanite 3310 days ago | link

"client-socket-connect" :))

I'm not attached to the name, and have no objections to switching to 'socket-connect. It's only unfortunate that arc's native "open-socket" doesn't proclaim its server nature, so I figured the word "client" would help disambiguate.


1 point by thaddeus 3310 days ago | link

how about: socket-to-em