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W.A.Mozart KV331: Rondo a la Turca, played by Arc (
6 points by conanite 3153 days ago | 5 comments

3 points by rocketnia 3153 days ago | link

I actually looked at Rainbow just yesterday and noticed you doing this. XD Immediately I wondered whether you'd put a link up here, and here it is.

Anyway, I think this is a great use of Arc. Whenever I'm manipulating something that has a lot of patterns in it, my programmer senses tingle and I find myself wanting to abstract things away. That way, the project is smaller and easier to wrangle, and I can't make small mistakes writing out all the patterns myself. Music is a perfect example of this, as you say.

As someone who only knows sheet music well enough to count my way eventually to the right keys on the piano, I'd like to volunteer that s2/4/5 jumps off the page for me even better than the sheet music does, since I don't have sharps and flats to worry about. In fact, I think I'd be more confident playing that opening motif if I put the Arc version in front of me. XD Chances are I just don't know what I'm missing, but still I hope you don't let the text-only nature of Arc discourage you. ^_^


2 points by conanite 3151 days ago | link

my programmer senses tingle and I find myself wanting to abstract things away - you hit the nail on the head there. What's more, I'm sure there's meaning in those patterns if we could only make them explicit - listening to music is sometimes listening to a conversation in a mostly-foreign language - words here and there that you recognize, you suspect that something meaningful is being communicated, but it's just beyond your grasp.

don't let the text-only nature of Arc discourage you - no chance, I'm too far gone for that.


1 point by evanrmurphy 3137 days ago | link

Yay! I was playing piano today and had the same train of thought:

  Damn this notation is repetitive, it feels like assembly. I wish
  I had a lead sheet for this Chopin Nocturne, or something even
  more abstract. Wait a minute... wasn't there something on Arc
  Forum about this??
Please keep us posted, I'd like to follow your developments on this!


2 points by icarus 3152 days ago | link

Check this out for some great ideas about doing computer music:


1 point by conanite 3151 days ago | link

Wow, Haskell. The chapters on "self-similar music" and "an algebra of music" look particularly interesting, I'm going to enjoy them. Thanks for the link.