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3 points by evanrmurphy 3641 days ago | link | parent

> you may want to change your function block format to "(function(){ ... }).call(this)".

This is done now. Using your example:

  arc> (js `(= this!x 10))
  (function(){return this.x=10;}).call(this);nil
All I did was change do's definition in js was accordingly:

  (js-mac do args
    `(((fn () ,@args) 'call) this))

  ; used to be

  ;(js-mac do args
  ;  `((fn () ,@args)))
js-mac just adds its args to table of pseudo-macros for js:

  (= js-macs* (table))

  (mac js-mac (name args . body)
    `(= (js-macs* ',name) (fn ,args (js1 ,@body))))
Most of arc.arc's macros have been copied verbatim to js.arc as js-mac definitions, after which they're ready to use. For example,

  (js-mac with (parms . body)
    `((fn ,(map1 car (pair parms))
      ,@(map1 cadr (pair parms))))
lets us use with in our JavaScript:

  arc> (js `(with (x 1 y 2)
              (+ x y)))
  (function(x,y){return (x+y);})(1,2);
EDIT: Just changed with's definition to

  (js-mac with (parms . body)
    `(((fn ,(map1 car (pair parms))
       'call) this ,@(map1 cadr (pair parms))))
for the same reason we changed do. I should find a better way to refactor so we're not handwriting the .call(this) form everywhere. Anyway, now it's

  arc> (js `(with (x 1 y 2)
              (+ x y)))
  (function(x,y){return (x+y);}).call(this,1,2);