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5 points by rntz 3434 days ago | link | parent

1. Silicon Valley.

2. Anything.

3. Why pattern matching is way cooler than car/cdr; why arc isn't a 100-year language; comparative study of macro systems; comparative study of module systems; implementation of a bootstrapping arc compiler; implementation of my pet lisp, chao, which is bootstrapped from arc and compiles to a (hopefully) portable IL... I have lots of ideas.

4. Summer break, since that's when I'm in Silicon Valley.

5. If someone wanted to destroy Arc as a language, this would be the time for them to do it. Everyone interested, gathered in one small space. Be on your guard, comrades! :P

1 point by d0m 3430 days ago | link

I mostly agree with 3! It might be a good place to finally take the decision about the module system.. It obviously would be awesome if it could be webcasted. (Montreal, Canada here :p)