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2 points by fallintothis 3512 days ago | link | parent

Hadn't seen it done yet, so I decided to learn how Haskell's QuickCheck ( works by writing an Arc version.

The idea is that you can automatically test a program by providing a set of properties it should follow. QuickCheck then randomly generates a lot of test cases to see if the properties hold and lets you look at the distribution of the test data. Properties are boolean expressions universally quantified over certain types of arguments. They are written in Arc using the utilities that quick-check.arc defines.

After some technical difficulties, I've ported what was my initial tutorial (which was too long for the forum) to the wiki:

Edit: Ugh. Seems my messing around has broken BitBucket. At the time of this edit, points to an old version, (with a trailing slash) points to the new one. Sorry about that. is the correct version, anyway. At least hg pull and the wiki seem to work.