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2 points by shader 2844 days ago | link | parent

What we really need is our own reader for arc, so that ssyntax isn't limited to intra-symbol, but can be used between other tokens as well, such as lists and strings.

1 point by evanrmurphy 2844 days ago | link

Can you help me understand why Racket's reader couldn't be extended to do this? It seems very extensible [1]. I've already gotten good mileage out of hacking it with aw's extend-readtable [2]. (Come to think of it, I should continue playing around with this to try and implement the JavaScript-style dot operator.)

I also wonder if rntz's arcc might be useful here [3]. (I haven't tried it yet.)






2 points by aw 2844 days ago | link

The reader is implemented in Arc in the runtime project I'm working on (