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1 point by rocketnia 2829 days ago | link | parent

iso is defined as a non-generic bootstrap version in anarki before eventually being overridden

Sure, that's an okay way to go about it. ^_^ Since I'm doing the Penknife core library stuff from the top down right now, I'm just writing things the way I want to write them, trying to determine what axioms I need before the core library is loaded. If the high-level axioms are defined in another lower-level library, that's just fine, but I don't know why I'd bother with that when I can just put them in the Arc part of the core. :-p

1 point by akkartik 2829 days ago | link

Yeah, makes sense. defgeneric comes far earlier in wart as well. iso pretty much doesn't get bootstrapped (it's available but never used)