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1 point by rocketnia 2828 days ago | link | parent

Thanks for this guide. It should come in handy for me. :)

Well, I hope it actually works. :-p

If I start messing around with Arc's internals too hard though, I may not be able to resist trying to turn it into an interpreter.

Yeah. I would have just turned it into Penknife. >.>

I'm too attracted to the notion of first-class environments, eval and fexprs lately. (In this case, I'd be extending eval rather than ac, correct?)

Sure, but there's no interpreting 'eval to build on in Arc (unless you repurpose the macroexpander XD ). I'd find it easiest to approach by building it from scratch--hence kernelish.arc.

Or maybe I should just stop being such a damn purist. Have to take things one step at a time anyway. ac is a logical place to start.

It's all up to whatever you can figure out how to build on, I think.

Also, I'd tell you not to write off purism so quickly, but unfortunately I only like purism in irrational way. ^_^;