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1 point by evanrmurphy 2808 days ago | link | parent

Thanks. I started to use your to-stderr when I noticed this similar function in arc.arc:

  (def ero args
    (w/stdout (stderr) 
      (each a args 
        (write a)
        (writec #\space))
      (writec #\newline))
    (car args))
I'll probably use it instead just to keep this lib's dependencies to the arc3.1 core. I agree it would make sense to have call-w/stderr in ac.scm, though.

> You use a variable, html-nestlev, inside a closure as a sort of hidden global variable, and use it to indicate the depth of quoting... What happens when an error or ctrl-C happens in between an (html-openq) and (html-closeq)? That might be worth handling. You might try Racket's parameters, or have a function that resets the thing.

Really good point. Need to think about this more, as I'm feeling doubtful about that whole part of the program relating to nested quotation.

Update: For those just tuning in and looking for the variable html-nestlev in the source, it's been renamed to nestlev.