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http.arc, web.arc, nginx?
3 points by evanrmurphy 3302 days ago | 2 comments
I'd like to try out palsecam's http + web.arc combo [1], possibly with nginx. Care to share your experiences using any of these?

garply spoke highly of http.arc in [2], where he also talks about dispatch.arc. But I don't see any mention of dispatch.arc in the original post by palsecam, nor anywhere else on this forum [3]. Perhaps he meant web.arc?





2 points by rocketnia 3302 days ago | link

There's a dispatch.arc right at the root of Anarki:

The comment at the top of dispatch.arc currently says it's web.arc, so it might be the same thing.


1 point by evanrmurphy 3302 days ago | link

Ah, you're right! There's also a lib/web.arc that looks completely different, so perhaps the name change was to avoid conflicts. </speculation>