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1 point by rocketnia 2793 days ago | link | parent

1. I like that you made it full screen.

That part took a bunch of fiddling! XD I tried to use it on some Android browsers though, and it's not so friendly there.... Using an online REPL from a mobile device would be pretty nifty. ^_^

Hmm, jQuery-console's manual keypress checking makes it especially Android-unfriendly. A slide-out keyboard technically works, but I'd be lost without it. :/

2. I was pleasantly surprised you kept the same REPL pattern!

My original intent was to hack your REPL to work with the console. Actually, my original intent was to have an input box with "compile" and "now evaluate that" buttons, but I liked your REPL much better. :-p

One thing I was on the fence about was using '>' for the input prompt instead of 'lava>'. The former just felt less cluttered to me.

I think "lava>" would make more sense if it were possible to switch between REPLs, but ">" makes more sense now. :)