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1 point by evanrmurphy 3329 days ago | link | parent

It looks like our draw macro might as well have the + string concatentation included:

  (mac draw body
    (trigger 'body html 
      (+ @body)))
Then we get even shorter:

    (draw (input)
          (button "submit"))
    (handler 'button click
      (= said (trigger 'input val))
      (draw (a href '#
              "click here"))
      (handler 'a click
        (draw "you said: " said)))))))

1 point by akkartik 3329 days ago | link

Yeah, these are certainly looking better. The crux is whether these primitives are part of a basis set (and so don't count against the token count), and whether the rest of the framework is similarly terse (no reason it can't be).