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1 point by aw 2794 days ago | link | parent

whether I want the tests to be inline or not

Something I've been thinking about, though I haven't implemented anything yet, is that there's code, and then there's things related to that code such as prerequisites, documents, examples, tests, etc. The usual practice is to stick everything into the source code file: i.e., we start off with some require's or import's to list the prerequisites, doc strings inline with the function definition, and, in my case, tests following the definition because I wanted the tests to run immediately after the definition.

But perhaps it would be better to be able to have things in separate files. I could have a file of tests, and the tests for my definition of "foo" would be marked as tests for "foo".

Then, for example, if I happened to want to run my tests in strict dependency order, I could load my code up to and including my definition of foo, and then run my tests for foo.

1 point by akkartik 2794 days ago | link

"the tests for my definition of foo would be marked as tests for foo."

In java or rails each class file gets a corresponding test file in a parallel directory tree. I find it too elaborate, but it does permit this sort of testing classes in isolation.