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1 point by evanrmurphy 3411 days ago | link | parent

The first wart I observe is that it provides no way to specify all the parameters as optional, e.g. the arc3.1 definition

  (def baz ((o a) (o b))
cannot be expressed.

Hmm... perhaps I like the scheme where parameters are always optional best. Its concision cannot be beat!

1 point by akkartik 3411 days ago | link

Why, does this not work? (I still haven't installed clojure. JVM, yuck..)

  (def baz (& a b)


1 point by evanrmurphy 3411 days ago | link

That should work in Clojure, you're right. + But the analogous code in an arc-like would not work because (. (a b)) is not a valid list (since it has no car).


+ Technically, it would be:

  (defn baz [& [a b]]


1 point by akkartik 3410 days ago | link

There's a lot more wrong with it :) You can't have non-atoms after the dot either.

I was taking for granted that you have to change the reader, or replace dot with a different token.