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2 points by rocketnia 3438 days ago | link | parent

This is a bit off-topic, but technically, Racket's syntax reader treats (a b c) and (a . (b c)) differently. It wraps just about every node of the parse tree in a syntax object, but the exceptions are the nodes which, from a certain point of view, aren't even part of the parse tree: The list tails which aren't written using their own parentheses. In particular, the (b c) part of (a b c) isn't wrapped, but the (b c) part of (a . (b c)) is.

  Welcome to Racket v5.1.
  > (define abc (read-syntax #f (open-input-string "(a b c)")))
  > (define a.bc (read-syntax #f (open-input-string "(a . (b c))")))
  > (define abc.null (read-syntax #f (open-input-string
                                       "(a b c . ())")))
  > abc
  #<syntax::1 (a b c)>
  > a.bc
  #<syntax::1 (a b c)>
  > abc.null
  #<syntax::1 (a b c)>
  > (syntax-e abc)
  '(#<syntax::2 a> #<syntax::4 b> #<syntax::6 c>)
  > (syntax-e a.bc)
  '(#<syntax::2 a> . #<syntax::6 (b c)>)
  > (syntax-e abc.null)
  '(#<syntax::2 a> #<syntax::4 b> #<syntax::6 c> . #<syntax::10 ()>)