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2 points by evanrmurphy 3435 days ago | link | parent

"Actually, I could represent nil as an actual 'cons cell, so that assigning to the car or cdr would work. Crazy?"

That's a bit crazy. :)

PicoLisp does something reminiscent. Every one of its data structures (numbers, symbols, nil and conses) is implemented using the low-level cons cell structure (i.e. a pair of machine words). [1] They talk about nil's representation fulfilling its dual nature as both a symbol whose value is nil and a list whose car and cdr are nil; both the symbol predicate and the list predicate return true when applied to nil:

  : (sym? NIL)
  -> T
  : (lst? NIL)   
  -> T
I'm not sure that they let nil's car and cdr be assignable though, because "NIL is a special symbol which exists exactly once in the whole system." [2]





Update: Oops, I just noticed a lot of this comment could be considered redundant with the grandparent comment by waterhouse. Sorry for that.