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1 point by aw 3118 days ago | link | parent

> "[...] ideally ar would be powerful enough that someone could implement e.g. keyword arguments as a library."

Would be awesome if we could figure out a way to do that.

The compiler is reflected into Arc so if all you need to do is make compiler changes you can do that by modifying "ac" or the functions it calls such as "ac-call". If the feature also needs to make runtime changes then we might need to add some hooks to the runtime to enable that.

1 point by Pauan 3118 days ago | link

Hm... interesting. In that case, I might be able to implement Arubic as a bunch of extends and maybe some supporting functions... then Arubic would basically be a thin skin over ar. I'll look into it.


1 point by aw 3117 days ago | link

This is a goal of ar: I don't know if it's actually possible or not, but ideally you should be able to implement Arubic as a library on top of ar :-)