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2 points by akkartik 3325 days ago | link | parent

I fixed it :)

Also, may I suggest indenting lines by just two spaces rather than the length of the first word. It would alleviate the horizontal scrolling on the page. Let me know if you're ok with it, and I'll fix it for you.

(I'm not presuming to suggest how you should indent your code in general, of course.)

1 point by zck 3325 days ago | link

Awesome, thanks!

Please go ahead and fix it. The indentation here is a direct result of Emacs's default Lisp indentation settings. I haven't bothered to change it, both because it feels difficult, and because I keep vacillating between which way is actually better. But that's another discussion entirely.


2 points by akkartik 3325 days ago | link

Done. Oh, I just realized most of that code has the same indentation as the original release of arc back in 2008. So it wasn't your editor at all!

(So pg/rtm indented iflet like and? That is most eccentric.)