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Arc Forum search in wake of SearchYC shutdown (
6 points by evanrmurphy 3317 days ago | 7 comments

5 points by evanrmurphy 3315 days ago | link

Update: and are both back online for the moment.


3 points by typhon 3314 days ago | link

They're down again.


2 points by evanrmurphy 3316 days ago | link

Contents pasted below for convenience with clickable links. Anybody else miss the Arc Forum search that SearchYC provided?


It's a bittersweet situation as we rejoice pg adding a search bar to Hacker News [1] while mourning the sudden loss of SearchYC [2].

One service SearchYC provided that remains a need unfulfilled even with the new feature is search for Arc Forum, pg’s other news.arc forum [3]. This had been an extremely valuable resource to the Arc language community as SearchYC had been to the Hacker News community. It kept the old gem posts and comments which tend to get buried in the forum accessible to new readers.

How can we address the problem of lost search to Arc Forum and the other Hacker News sister forums in the wake of SearchYC’s shutdown?





2 points by rocketnia 3316 days ago | link

I used a lot, but for the past month or two I was noticing new posts weren't showing up in the search results, so I kinda expected something to happen to it pretty soon anyway.

I'm having a lot of "shoulda mentioned that earlier" moments recently. O-o;


2 points by akkartik 3316 days ago | link

I use it some, but perhaps not as much as you. Perhaps thriftDB will do one for us as well if we ask nicely?


1 point by evanrmurphy 3316 days ago | link

andres said he could help do it if there's an existing crawler for Arc Forum. Has anybody written an AF crawler they'd like to volunteer for getting search back?


2 points by akkartik 3316 days ago | link

I'm happy to contribute the hackerstream crawler. I tried crawling the arc forum a few months ago and it worked just fine.

If hnsearch is crawling HN can't they just reuse the crawler? Or is it past data they're looking for?