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Beginner - Programming without Prior Knowledge
3 points by cb03 2649 days ago | 4 comments
Having little or no language of solid programming is where I'm at. What would I like to see? Well, think about this, "I'm alien, I don't speak your language, but if there is a path that show examples of end-path (simple number sets -with fractal enumeration for complex examples) -then, I might be able to interact with a language. Say, throw two stones on the ground -means this many. Or, this cycle is like these two stones. Or maybe, mix these two, get something like this. But, yea, that's where I'm at.

2 points by waterhouse 2649 days ago | link

"Fractal enumeration". I'm taking this literally. Racket's graphics library can probably help you with that. It has some examples, too... In a fresh interaction with Racket, you can type the following:

  (require graphics/turtles
  (turtles #t)
And then:

  (serp 30)
[Unfortunately, at least for me, it seems you can't put those commands together--it seems that after startup, it displays each "turtle" as an orange triangle, and the "serp" (Sierpinski triangle) procedure creates a bunch of turtles, so you need to wait for the first turtle to get displayed before creating the rest, or else you'll just see a bunch of orange when they all get displayed.]

Further documentation is here:

And you can find the source for the "turtle-examples" in [Racket folder]/collects/graphics/turtle-examples.rkt.


3 points by zck 2649 days ago | link

What exactly are you asking? Are you looking for help learning Arc, or is this a discussion on how to help people learn Arc? Do you want sample programs for anything specific?


3 points by aw 2648 days ago | link

The Arc tutorial:

Practice the examples in the tutorial yourself:


1 point by cb03 2649 days ago | link