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3 points by thaddeus 2651 days ago | link | parent

I noticed within your feedback forum there were suggestions for REPL window size changes (for both bigger and smaller) and I got to thinking that when I wrote PetroEnergyNews ( ... which has a similar bounding box look to it) I did a bunch of experimenting with different systems, different monitors and different screen resolutions before coming up with the following optimal combinations:

  screen-x: "Narrowest" 700 
            "Narrower" 800 
            "Narrow" 900 *default*
            "Wide" 1200  
            "Wider" 1400 
            "Widest" 1600
  screen-y: "Shortest" 400 
            "Shorter" 500 
            "Short" 600 *default*
            "Tall" 750 
            "Taller" 900 
            "Tallest" 1200 
where the defaults were also the best suited to the iPad.

If you would like you can create an account on PetroEnergyNews then go to the user preferences to select the various combinations to get a feel for these sizes.

The "Widest" by "Tallest" setting is perfect for my 27 inch iMac screen :)

Anyways hopefully this info is helpful/useful.


1. oops, that's only the map inset window, so it doesn't include the top and bottom bars, but still they should be easy to guesstimate at about 24px each.

2. I guess the width really doesn't matter when you can just set to 100%, but it may help with the height settings?]

1 point by evanrmurphy 2650 days ago | link

Noted, thanks!