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4 points by akkartik 3100 days ago | link | parent

Nah, don't get into the business of managing user logins and passwords if you can possibly avoid it.

An alternative is a session system. Menu commands: "save this session", "past sessions". Give each session a URL so it can be bookmarked/shared.

3 points by rocketnia 3100 days ago | link

Works for me. ^_^

I'm still a bit suspicious about abstraction leaks in the concept of "save this session." I'd prefer to think in terms of a library pastebin, where I may choose to turn my REPL session into a library but I'm not misled into thinking it'll preserve more about my session than the raw code I entered.


2 points by evanrmurphy 3100 days ago | link

For what it's worth, managing user logins and passwords is a very easy business with WordPress! The challenge would be figuring out how to interface those WordPress user accounts with REPL functionality.