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QuickUI JS framework has enticing docs (
3 points by rocketnia 2155 days ago | 1 comment

3 points by rocketnia 2155 days ago | link

I stumbled across this in an unrelated search for "meta-control." The documentation quality surprised me. Take a look at it yourself for a bit and come back. :)


I found myself interacting with the example before I finished reading about it. The clear section organization of "The meta code..." and "Your goal:" makes it easy to skim. The fact that the goals are very simple--just change an identifier--makes it painless to jump in and modify the example.

If I actually cared about using the system documented here, I would probably do more than change identifiers. :-p

Oops, I couldn't help myself. I put a combo box in my combo box. Broken, but wonderful! XD