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2 points by zck 2503 days ago | link | parent

I've mentioned my unit test library before (, but now I think it's pretty much ready for prime time. It reports results nicely (if verbosely), and you can run decent subsets of your tests. It even has a README!

One thing that fell out of this is that there's no built-in way that I know of to check hashes for equality in Arc. Even `iso` doesn't do it ( So I wrote a way (

The only big thing that I really want to do for usability right now is to not have a ton of lines of "test X passed!" (

I'd love to hear feedback, whether on this forum or by submitting a bug ( This is a weird thing, but as I'm doing this project for Lisp In Summer Projects (, I'm supposed to do pretty much all the work myself. I'd love to take patches after the contest closes.

2 points by zck 2503 days ago | link

Also notable about Lisp In Summer Projects is that 2% of the first 250 entries are in Arc:


1 point by akkartik 2503 days ago | link

Wow. Is there a way to see the other 4 projects?


1 point by zck 2503 days ago | link

Well, one other one is brianru's oauth library (, but I don't think it's publicly released yet. Not to be too stalkeresque, but it's not on his Github (

Lisp In Summer Projects hasn't made a list available that I know of. Certainly they will announce the winners; I don't know if they'll announce all the projects. Hopefully.