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Discussion about macros in Arc (
4 points by fallintothis 2342 days ago | 3 comments

3 points by fallintothis 2342 days ago | link

I.e., "party on zck's bitbucket!" :)

I think the discussion might be interesting to other folks here. And at least bitbucket has inline code formatting!


3 points by zck 2341 days ago | link

Yeesh, I can feel my mind expanding. It's fighting it, but it's going.

Thanks again for the tutoring. I can't help but think this would be an order of magnitude easier in person, but c'est la vie.


3 points by fallintothis 2340 days ago | link

Sure thing! I was a teacher in a previous life, so I enjoy helping people say nothing of whether I'm any good at it. :)