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2 points by zck 1814 days ago | link | parent

> To play devil's advocate (and/or nihilist), why do you need that? Error messages in Arc are already universally this way, so it's expected behavior that the messages look crappy. :P

Because I'm not satisfied with crappy behavior. It makes readability worse, and debugging harder.

I'll take a look to see if I can catch it better; reading over my code, some of it does seem to be convoluted, if working. I've never quite been happy with how the failure messages are calculated; if that changes, I can easily change how we handle printing the errors.

Other than the double-quote issue, I don't recall other big reasons to use to-readable-string. I'd certainly be a fan of removing code, if I can make it work. It would bring my macro:function ratio below 1:1 again, which would be awesome. :)