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1 point by akkartik 1655 days ago | link | parent

Ah, that's a much nicer name. I (too) found the presence of fn to be misleading since the afn is called immediately after it's created.

I've deleted afnwith from anarki:

In wart the name can be nicer still -- just loop since for does what arc's loop does, in the footsteps of classical C.

Edit 20 minutes later: I ended up going with recur instead of next, to form a loop.. recur pair. I also considered with loop.. recur to strengthen the connection with with for the alternating var/val syntax. (The other pair of keywords in wart is collect.. yield in place of accum acc.) has has an example use, which had me hankering for absz's w/afn (though with a better name;

Edit 25 minutes later: It turns out xloop nests surprisingly cleanly. This does what you expect:

  loop (a 0)
    loop (b 0)
      prn a " " b
      if (b < 5) (recur ++b)
    if (a < 5) (recur ++a)
Edit 29 minutes later: Oh, loop.. recur is precisely what clojure uses!

3 points by shader 1647 days ago | link

I feel like we need to extend the documentation on to include the extra libraries on anarki, to improve discoverability.