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1 point by akkartik 1657 days ago | link | parent

Rather than compare it to arc, I found it tantalizing to think about how I'd implement that syntax. It looks like he's built objects for modules/namespaces, ranges, etc. But he's somehow supporting infix without spaces and also names like print-line. How does it work?! :)

Edit 8 minutes later: Also, the square brackets around the call to [f 1] are strange. If they're mandatory, there's something there I don't follow.

2 points by shader 1657 days ago | link

Interesting direction to take it. It would be interesting to know how he implemented it, so that he can still consider it to be a lisp. In particular that '#include' syntax sticks out a bit.

I also found it ironic how conflicted he is over its relationship with lisp.