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2 points by shader 1630 days ago | link | parent

For the connective narrative, how about using something like the existing [[ref]] markers that were in the docstrings to provide 'tags' for each entry? Every entry would then be associated with a set of tags that includes it's own name + any tag mentioned in its docstring.

This gets you two things.

1) You can now provide grouped details pages, like the 'list operations' and 'macros' pages from the arc3.1 docs.

2) You can provide connective narrative associated with a particular tag, in a separate document.

It probably gets you other things too. Maybe we could add the ability on the command line to filter help by tag instead of just name. That would be nice.

1 point by akkartik 1630 days ago | link

Cool idea! I used to do something a long time ago: use a little-known option of ctags (-r) to match wikiWords, so that hitting C-] in vim or M-. in emacs with the cursor on say 'databaseSubsystem' would take you to '$<databaseSubsystem>' in the codebase.

The nice thing about it is that a name could potentially belong to multiple different tags/narratives. Multiple overlapping trails is a pretty decent way to narrate an intrinsically non-linear thing like a codebase. See also