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4 points by waterhouse 1558 days ago | link | parent

Congratulations, zck!

If you want to see my quasiquote, here it is defined:

3 points by zck 1557 days ago | link

Congrats to you too!

What's the future path for emiya? It looks really cool, but it seems like you haven't done much with it since last fall.


3 points by waterhouse 1556 days ago | link

Well, since you ask. :-) And since the judging is all done, I might as well update it. So. Currently things are broken up into "dyn-cont", which has the Arc interpreter, "arc-boot", which is the code the interpreter will run on startup, and "memory-system", which is where I'm prototyping the stuff the next version of "dyn-cont" will run on: fake assembly code, which is a preparation for writing real assembly code.