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1 point by tvvocold 2036 days ago | link | parent

well, when i git push a png file and edit then restart, my app goes down and 8080 port is i kill -9 the pid and (load "lib/news.arc") (nsv '("my ip" 8080)) , then i got a blank hacker news i app-force-stop it and start again then got a full-blank page...what happeded?

i just got it right :it seems force-stop will drop the repo/www file and those would got lost!!bazinga!

1 point by shader 2036 days ago | link

Force-stop shouldn't be what drops the www. The repo reset should only happen during the git push process. Otherwise I don't think it touches what's in the repo dir.

In any case, I think all of the stuff in the www folder should probably be moved to the data directory, so it doesn't get wiped regularly. I just haven't done it yet; partly because I didn't know exactly where I would put it.

Feel free to make a change to put it where you want it, and then send a pull request.