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2 points by akkartik 1902 days ago | link | parent

That is indeed quite lame:

Edit 8 minutes later: seems to work fine for me on anarki.

  arc> (fromfile "x" (drain:readline))
  ("This is the first line." "After this line there is an empty line." "" "After this line there are two empty lines." "" "" "This is the last line.")
  arc> (fromstring "\n\na\nc\n\nd" (drain:readline))
  ("" "" "a" "c" "" "d")
Were you running arc3.1 or something?

2 points by zck 1901 days ago | link

Yeah, I run arc3.1 for several reasons -- including that anarki doesn't work in Emacs's shell, and I haven't taken the time to figure out^1 why: my hypothesis is that simply removing rlwrap would fix it, but I so rarely use Arc these days I haven't dealt with it.

[1] Nor have I taken the time to respond to your emails from months ago. I'm sorry about that; it's related (among other things) to some general malaise I'm trying to deal with.


3 points by rocketnia 1900 days ago | link

I think this thread is when the bug was raised and fixed: