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2 points by zck 1900 days ago | link | parent

As akkartik says, let's step away from the complex code, and get back to basics. Let's use dir-exists ( to test out how to reference directories.

So let's just see if we can get a 't when we check the existence of C:\users

Here are the four things I'd try:

    (dir-exists "C:/users")
    (dir-exists "C://users")
    (dir-exists "C:\users")
    (dir-exists "C:\\users")
My money's on the first or last one working. (Obviously this assumes you _have_ a `C:\users` directory) I would similarly bet that you might need to capitalize the drive, even though Windows drive letters are case insensitive ( So if it doesn't work with lowercase letters, try it as above.

2 points by jsgrahamus 1900 days ago | link

arc> (dir-exists "c:/users") "c:/users" arc> (dir-exists "c:\\users") "c:\\users"