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3 points by aw 1139 days ago | link | parent

> So, for Nginx/Apache, are you suggesting Arc might be able to handle uploads if it's sitting behind Nginx/Apache acting as reverse proxy doing buffering?

Nope, that won't help.

> so it's better to have a separate setup of Nginx/Apache (with PHP or whichever) handling file the uploads

That's the easiest approach. Not that you'd need PHP, just pop in a module to handle file uploads for you.

> Or is it more like doing anything with big files in Arc is a no-go

Not Arc as such but the implementation in srv.arc isn't designed for large files. You could read the old MZScheme documentation at and figure out how to read an input stream into a binary buffer, but it would be more work.

1 point by hjek 1137 days ago | link

Thanks a lot for helping clear that up. Those limitations of Arc are definitely not immediately obvious from reading the docs and essays available on the language.