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2 points by akkartik 1112 days ago | link | parent

Ah, yes tryarc would explain it.

By "the issue with the \n" do you mean how each line has a \n at the start? How is this sending data between Windows and Linux, can you elaborate?

Yes, it's weird that you had to hit ctrl-d twice. Thanks. I'll try your example on windows later today.

Both these issues aren't happening for me on linux, so it seems likely to be a windows issue.

Edit: Hmm, I do see a leading empty list at the start when reading stdin:

  arc> (readit)
  ("" "abc" "def")
It looks like stdin doesn't behave quite like a regular file handle.. Thanks for the report! I'll investigate why this is happening.

Edit 2: The trouble seems to be that the first call to 'readline' receives the 'enter' you hit to type in the command.

  arc> (readline (stdin))
I think your examples might work if you put the code into a .arc file and try to run it like my original example..

2 points by jsgrahamus 1112 days ago | link

This probably seems weird, but I capture the data on a Windows system, then e-mail the data to a Linux system which is where arc resides. I assume Windows and Linux have different line endings.

Perhaps I need to check out the community version of arc?

Has anyone figured out a way to compile an arc routine? I saw an earlier thread on it, but no resolution.

Thanks for everything.