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3 points by kinnard 625 days ago | link | parent

I suppose I'm learning lisp for more idealistic/philosophical rather than professional reasons. Though it seems there are compelling professional outcomes nonetheless.

2 points by zck 625 days ago | link

If you're interested in Arc, sure, go for it. It's a lot of fun, and the things it does are very well designed.

If you want suggestions as to which Lisp might fit your philosophical ideals, it would help to talk about what the ideals are.


1 point by kinnard 624 days ago | link

I'd describe myself as a bottom-up thinker. [But I'm unopposed to the description "top-down" because . . . "which way is up?"] I like to work from axioms to outcomes. I'm frustrated under other conditions.


2 points by hjek 619 days ago | link

MIT have some good freely available videos on Lisp, where they go through a lot of philosophical stuff: