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3 points by ca 883 days ago | 4 comments

What IDEs are out there for us to use? I'm busy with Atom at the moment it's not bad, but I don't have an extension and am not sure if there is one. I'm just wondering if there is something that can do a bit of text highlighting or even better, definition linking.

4 points by akkartik 883 days ago | link

No IDE; I mostly just use Vim and run Arc in a separate window. For highlighting I just tell Vim to treat .arc files as scheme. It works well enough, particularly because I tend to have pretty minimalist highlighting needs. Mostly I just want to see comments and strings distinguished from code (

On occasion I find a couple of other tools useful:

a) runs over tmux and lets me connect up an Arc session. I also use a script to navigate between Vim windows with the same hotkey as between tmux panes: Screenshot showing all this:

b) Anarki contains a script to generate ctags, so that I can jump to definitions from function calls:


3 points by mpr 883 days ago | link

What's the benefit of running vim-slime as opposed to just an arc repl from the command line? I've been doing that w/ the same vim/tmux setup you mentioned. I enjoy it.

Edit: I see that you can execute code from the vim window. That is a nice feature. Anything else significant?


3 points by akkartik 883 days ago | link

No, that's pretty much it. I sometimes find it useful, but yes, mostly I forget it exists. Occasionally it'll bother me when I hit ctrl-c for unrelated reasons :)


2 points by rocketnia 883 days ago | link

The Anarki repo contains some settings for Emacs and Vim.

I don't use either of those editors, so I don't know how much good they do.