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2 points by jsgrahamus 999 days ago | link | parent

Another odd error:

  C:\Users\Steve\Documents\arc3.1>racket -f as.scm
  Use (quit) to quit, (tl) to return here after an interrupt.
  arc> ;; Get rid of rows-tried entries for column col
  (def remove-column-number-from-rows-tried (column-# rows-tried)
       (with columns-rows -1 list1 (rev rows-tried) list2  '()
             (for i 1 (len rows-tried)
                  (= columns-rows (pop list1))
                  (if (~is (car columns-rows) column-#)
                      (push columns-rows list2)))
             (rev list2)))
  Error: "Can't take cdr of columns-rows"

2 points by akkartik 999 days ago | link

You need parens around the variable bindings in with, otherwise Arc can't tell where bindings end and the body begins.

  (with (columns-rows  -1
         list1  (rev rows-tried)
         list2  '())


1 point by jsgrahamus 999 days ago | link

FWIW, rows-tried is a list of lists.


2 points by jsgrahamus 999 days ago | link

Thank you.