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URL parsing bug on HN
3 points by i336_ 865 days ago | 2 comments
I just found a bug on in the URL parsing system, which is not present on this forum. I'm not sure where exactly to report it, so I'm posting here.

I just tried to submit a long URL ending in the string ...html); and it broke the URL parser.

The URL-parsing system ate the ); and made that part of the link; I had to change it to a ): to fix it. (I was parenthesizing a URL and wanted a semicolon at the end of the parens.)

I just tried it here, and it seems to be working fine; an admin/dev will need to verify this directly on HN.

3 points by i336_ 865 days ago | link

As you can see, it's fine here:

Broken on HN (but working here): ABC; DEF

Works fine on HN: ABC DEF


3 points by sctb 854 days ago | link

Thank you! We'll fix it. The best way to reach the HN team is by emailing