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4 points by digitalis_ 1454 days ago | link | parent

[There doesn't seem to be a reply button under your last reply -- we've possibly hit a maximum depth -- so I'm replying here. Sorry!]

I'm talking about "a namespace mechanism" here, without actually knowing how one in Arc would work.

Just thinking about it for a moment, I think you'd set the prefix

  (= namespace-prefix 'awesome-package)
and then there'd be some symbol (in the textual sense) that you'd put in front of all the library functions; maybe a slash.

  (def /awesome-function (...)
Or, instead of setting the namespace with a variable, you'd have

  (w/namespace awesome-package
    (def /awesome-function (...)
[I think the latter's probably better -- it's clearer where the namespace ends.]

In the end, you have to have some way of avoiding conflicts -- and all of these boil down to tacking something on the front (math.sqrt in python, for instance); I (personally) would rather have a better way of doing this than manually typing out `awesome-package` at the start of every function/macro/variable/whatever.

(Though we may eventually have to "agree to disagree" on this, I think the discussion's worth it!)

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The trick for replying deep in discussions: click on the 'link' of the comment you want to reply to. news.arc hides links to replies below some depth for some period of time to discourage flame wars. You can see the code for this at


2 points by digitalis_ 1454 days ago | link

Thank you for the enlightenment! (I promise not to abuse this power.)