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2 points by akkartik 825 days ago | link | parent

Gosh, I haven't looked at 'stable' in ages and it looks like it's mostly unmodified since 2009, before the Racket days. It's still using 'mzscheme', which isn't even in my Racket 6.3 distribution on Mac OS anymore. And I no longer remember where we hacked Racket to permit mutable strings :/ I didn't see any diffs in ac.scm that might be responsible. Maybe someone else knows?

2 points by zck 824 days ago | link

Hrm, perhaps it shouldn't be called "stable". That suggests a more-tested release cycle. Maybe something like "original" or "pure", or even "3.1-release"?

I like the idea of having something that's what was originally released, but doesn't really suggest that it's what someone should use if they're new to Arc.


4 points by akkartik 824 days ago | link

Well, we do also have 'official' which is exactly what was released.

I think the intent is that 'stable' is guaranteed to be backwards compatible with 'official'. So the real issue is that 'official' is stale.