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3 points by akkartik 1350 days ago | link | parent

It's possible I'm misunderstanding what y'all mean by "maze game". Does something in text mode like qualify? It's probably at the bottom of a steep hill with Dwarf Fortress at the top..

If text mode is an option, I'll plug my Basic-like language. My students have made tic-tac-toe and a card game with it. Maybe we should try a maze game next. Here's a text-mode chessboard program, for example: With tests for screen and keyboard access (search for 'scenario'). I'm sure it looks like Greek, but take my word for it that 11- and 12-year olds found it pretty easy to work with. Happy to show more over a Hangout or something.

Ack, right after I typed all this out I remembered the Windows constraint. That disqualifies Mu, at least immediately. I knew there was a reason I chose to keep mum when I saw jsgrahamus's post last night.