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3 points by akkartik 762 days ago | link | parent

Many thanks for your pull request! Support for Windows chronically lags behind Unix, and I'd love to hear about any more bugs you run into on Windows.

rlwrap is just a little program which provides some standard features of Unix shells like commandline history and keyboard shortcuts. It's nice to have but certainly not essential.

3 points by zck 759 days ago | link

Just echoing that rlwrap isn't needed. I actually added an arg (-n) to that doesn't use rlwrap. I use it when running arc inside an emacs shell, because emacs has terminal integration that I prefer.


3 points by jsgrahamus 759 days ago | link

I started using ansi-term in emacs to launch a shell file which wrapped rlwrap around the file I wished to execute. Turns out that M-x no longer works in that buffer.