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Admin Functions?
3 points by gfawkes 874 days ago | 4 comments
I have set up anarki HN on my ubuntu box before setting it up on my server. I have searched for "how to use admin functions on anarki HN" and have found nothing. How do I access the admin functions on anarki HN? Is there any online links anyone can point me to? Thanks

3 points by akkartik 873 days ago | link

Did you see the instructions on running a HN clone at the bottom of Basically you add a username you want to designate as the admin, then you use HN as that user. Let me know if you have more questions.


3 points by gfawkes 873 days ago | link

Thanks for your reply akkartik. Yes..I did see what you referred to.... I have created an account using the user name I entered while setting up the software. Opening my admin user account is not the problem. The question I have is where is the admin panel...or how do I administer admin controls? For instance, while being logged in as admin how do I delete a comment? Or a thread? Look at a list of users, etc? One more thing now that I have have your attention, if I may. Do you know of any instructions on how to put anarki HN on my server so anyone can access it? I want to put a forum online for all to use. Thanks again. Guy


2 points by akkartik 872 days ago | link

There isn't much by way of admin tools. Basically what the admin can do is block content in various ways: Beyond that you're expected to rely on the Arc commandline, or to manipulate the files created under anarki/www/news.

Regarding putting HN on a server, you may be interested in this recent thread about a Docker image:


3 points by akkartik 871 days ago | link

Ah, I just remembered seeing various special pages just for admins in news.arc. For example /badsites seems to show sites that have been nuked in the past.

I'm not very familiar with these tools, but scanning for adop and defopa might provide tantalizing hints.