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At-sign in string
5 points by prestonbriggs 9 days ago | 3 comments
I try something like

  (prn "   .global   @zap")
and I get a complaint about the at-sign. Why's that?

I find that quoting the string, like this

  (prn '"    .global    @zap")
works like I'd hope.

Thanks, Preston

4 points by akkartik 9 days ago | link

Congratulations, you've run into at-strings, one of Arc's more awkward features.

Prior discussions:;;

Interesting idea to quote a string. I'd somehow never thought of that!


3 points by prestonbriggs 9 days ago | link

Got it, thanks.

I guess the quote idea came from me thinking that the strings were being evaluated. My untrained mind thought "strings evaluate to themselves", but apparently not. So I used the single quote to prevent evaluation.


1 point by akkartik 8 days ago | link

And it worked! Nicely done.