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2 points by breck 576 days ago | link | parent

Wow, what a quote! That's exactly how I feel about Ohayo. That seems like a better approach--not to be in a big hurry to get people to use it today. Thank you akkartik. Really appreciate that advice!

My only concern pre-launch and announcement, was that I was going to get hit by a bus and the world would have to wait longer for someone else to stumble upon (and popularize) TN and ETNs. Now that it's out there and a few thousand people have seen it, I can take this more sensible approach. Fantastic advice.

Btw, just pushed version 1.1.0 if anyone's interested.

UX still needs work, but I rushed adding a "3D block" to the flow language, (using the vis.js library), so you can start to see what "3D" code looks like.

I need to rev that a bit (I see some immediate bugs) but gives the basic idea and I have to run out for a little while.